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Duration approx.

1-4 weeks / June – August


Valtellina, Sestriere, Garda, Spiaggia Romea, Chianti, Fiano Romano, Cascia


Main purpose of job

The CD is responsible for managing and supporting a Centre Management Team (CMT) and leading the centre, ensuring the smooth running of the summer school and ensuring that it is of the highest possible standard so that the students derive the maximum benefit from their study holiday. The CD has an important role in the safeguarding and welfare of the students and is the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) for the centre.

Duties will include

  • Implementation, monitoring and planning regarding the summer school programme in terms of the leisure programme, transportation, student welfare, staffing and training and customer service functions. Assistance should be given regarding the academic programme when and where necessary.
  •  Be the focal point of the Centre Management Team (CMT) consisting of Director of Studies (DoS) and (if present) AM Team (Activity Management Team) ensuring it runs in a harmonious way, whilst acting as the principal representative of the company on site.
  • You will ensure that all safety procedures are followed in line with the law, British Council best practice and taking into account any regulations imposed by the university, using a common sense approach.
  • Emergency phone – form the main person responsible for the 24/7 emergency line except on your day off or time off during the day when this is delegated.
  • HR – you are ultimately responsible for any further recruitment and essentially the management, training, monitoring and development of your team and so need to foster a positive open and friendly team working environment.
  • You are ultimately responsible for the reporting and updating of all risk assessments both for the site and all activities and excursions.
  • You are ultimately responsible for ensuring all administration and paperwork is up to date and passed on to the company. Notes of meetings must be kept and communication channels must flow. Brief weekly reports and a more detailed final report must be filed at the end of the summer school for analysis, improvement and continuity.
  • Customer service – as the representative of the company you must develop a good rapport with the Group leaders (GLs) and conduct their Inductions. You must review all customer feedback questionnaires (initial and end of course for students and excursion feedback forms in addition for the GLs). You must report and act on any negative feedback as quickly as possible (certainly within 24 hours but preferably before). We want everyone to have a very positive experience at the summer school so in the event of a complaint it must be investigated and solved quickly.
  • You are responsible for managing the budgets and ensuring they are adhered to.
  • You are responsible for monitoring suppliers and ensuring they are adhering to their agreements and providing a safe and quality service.
  • You are the main contact with the University/Campus/Hotel

Essential Requirements

  • Native or native level English speaker
  • Clear and confident communication skills
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Proven leadership skills
  • Exceptional people management skills
  • Exceptional time management and organisational skills
  • Proven ability to work effectively under pressure
  • Safeguarding qualifications, minimum Level 2, preferably level 3
  • A clean DBS Check or equivalent for country/ies of residence
  • Summer school experience
  • Management experience
  • Proven ability to work well in a team


Main purpose of job

Activity Leaders are responsible for the safety of students on campus at all times, preparing and leading activities and excursions and supervising students during breaks and meal times whilst maintaining a high level of pastoral care. They report to the CENTRE Manager.

Duties will include

  • Attending inductions
  • Report to: Centre Manager
  • Picking up groups from the airports (if needed) involving a long coach journey; helping with arrivals and departures, welcoming/waving good bye and helping with cases (if needed) and induction to the accommodation
  • Meal duties supervising the line at breakfast, lunch and dinner; break duty, supervising morning break 10.30 to 11am and specific areas during ‘free time’, as instructed from Centre Manager.
  • Leading and actively participating in sports activities and evening activities; preparing for activities, sign up sheets and advertising posters included.
  • Leading Excursions
  • Chatting to the students (not always the same ones!) to encourage them to speak English outside the classroom e.g. on the bus, during activities and meal times
  • Pastoral care. Spotting problems and reporting them quickly so they can be solved e.g. homesickness, bullying. Ensuring both individuals and groups are happy. Being aware of individual and specific needs of students and assisting them and their Group leaders.
  • Engaging students and being positive and enthusiastic.
  • Being actively aware of accident and emergency procedures and reading the staff hand book

Essential Requirements

  • Native or near native level English speaker
  • Clear and confident communication skills
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Student Focussed and understanding of pastoral care
  • Time management and organisational skills
  • Ability to work effectively under summer school conditions and in a team
  • Positive attitude and lots of energy!
  • No criminal convictions/ clear records.


  • Experience of working in a summer school environment


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